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Panchakarma Treatments


The cost of Panchakarma is £280 per day and includes 3 treatments per day, daily consultation, accommodation, food and all medicines necessary during the retreat. The three treatments are prescribed by Ayurveda Lifestyle according to the needs of the patient. Three treatments take around two and a half hours per day and are selected from the following: 



Full body and head massage using oodles of warm organic sesame oil. Abhyanga profoundly pacifies the nervous system and de-stresses the entire body as it becomes softer and more flexible. It stimulates the marma points helping to clear stagnation by increasing the flow of energy and the warm, unctuous qualities of the oil soften and loosen long standing toxins. As the days go by the effects of Abhyanga go deeper and deeper and a real sense of groundedness emerges.


Specialised full body massage using heated linen bolus filled with warming and detoxifying herbs. Pindasweda breaks up stagnation and reduces musculo skeletal pain in problem areas. It reduces toxins and water retention through stimulation of the lymphatic system and is particularly useful in Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is an excellent treatment to increase circulation and reduce fat tissue and cellulite. It can sometimes be useful to combine Abhyanga with Pindasweda.



Swedana or full body steam bath is done immediately after massage. It opens the micro channels enabling the qualities of the oil to permeate more deeply. Swedana liquifies toxins and mobilises them to move out of the tissues via the sweat channels. An excellent detoxification treatment which improves circulation, relieves aches and pains, pacifies Vata and melts Kapha. We use only the purest water in our state of the art 'Hyperthermic Chamber'. The chamber is thermostatically controlled to maintain exactly the right temperature and as the head remains outside the chamber it remains cool with the help of a cool compress and fragrant rose water spray.      



The pouring of a continuous stream of warm oil on the forehead designed to pacify and rebalance the central nervous system. Shirodhara pacifies the symptoms of stress and is proven to reduce the presence of stress hormones in the blood stream. It helps to relieve headaches, insomnia, poor concentration and some of the causes of hypertension eg: anxiety, tension etc. It creates a profound sense of deep relaxation and wellbeing.

Shodana Basti*

Known as 'enema' in the west, Ayurveda regards internal basti as it's foremost method of treatment and is actually quite different from western enemas and colonic irrigation. 'Shodana' means purification and this rectal basti eliminates and purifies using a mixture of medicated oils and herbal decoctions, usually 200ml to 700ml depending upon the capacity of the patient. It clears longstanding toxic wastes and excess doshas, particularly vata, from the colon. This basti strengthens and tones the musculature of the colon wall and provides a strong sense of groundedness. It pacifies vata-type negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and stress and is an excellent rejuvenative procedure. It is effective in constipation, gas, bloating, insomnia, nervousness, dizziness etc and has proven helpful in degenerative conditions caused by high vata such as Parkinson's and Osteoarthritis. Basti is a useful vehicle  to deliver stronger doses of herbal medicine and nutrients to the whole body via the colon as it bypasses the digestive system. Massage and steam treatments are the ideal preparation for basti but if this is not possible then warm oil and heat are applied topically to the abdomen before the basti is administered. The length of time each person is able to hold a Basti varies widely. It may be held from 5 to 48 minutes and the whole procedure is completed within the clinic.

Matra Basti*

Rectal basti using a small amount of oil (60ml) to support, nourish and lubricate the colon wall. Also helps to pacify vata-type symptoms and relieve occasional constipation. Matra basti can be given following Shodana Basti as a way to lubricate the bowel between treatments. This basti is easier to retain and is usually held by the patient for a number of hours therefore the patient leaves the clinic after administration.

Heart Dhara*

A continuous flow of medicated warm oil and herbal decoctions are poured onto the heart area of the chest within a ring of dough. This treatment supports the heart in many conditions including palpitations, hypertension and stress. It reduces anxiety and fear and encourages a sense of opening and groundedness in the mind and emotions.  

Netra Basti*

Warm ghee eye bath given to each eye within a ring of dough. The perfect strengthening treatment for tired, strained eyes. This treatment has a relaxing effect on the eyes and removes impurities.


Kati Basti*

Application of warm, medicated oil to specific areas of pain on the spine and lower back area within a ring of dough. Specifically to reduce particular areas of musculo skeletal pain, stiffness and discomfort.


Janu Basti*

Application of warm, medicated oil applied to the knees within a ring of dough. Helpful to strengthen weak knees and to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.



Sinus clearing treatment including facial massage, stimulation of marma points of the head, gentle steam and introduction of medicated oils to the nasal passages. Clears toxins from the head and gives a sense of emotional and mental clarity. Helpful in most conditions in the head including congestion, headaches, allergies and mental sluggishness.


*Patients usually begin to experience the beneficial effects of Panchakarma treatment about three weeks after their retreat. It is said however that the body can take up to three months to settle back down and so some patients return to the clinic for treatment on an outpatient basis during this time and beyond. 


*Results may vary from person to person

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