Ayurveda Lifestyle offers a full range of Ayurvedic care including face to face consultations, Panchakarma detoxification retreats, hands-on treatments and telephone consultations.


Our aim is firstly to protect your wellness from the stresses of modern life that often manifest as niggling symptoms like poor digestion, low energy and simply feeling out of sorts. It is always best to tackle such symptoms early before they get chance to develop into something more serious. *If you already have a more serious condition however we can help you to regain your balance and improve your health significantly using only natural means. We can't promise a complete cure but our experience is that we can help most people whatever the condition.* We begin by listening in great depth to your personal health history. We want to understand not only your physical condition but also your concerns around it because Ayurveda is truly a holistic system of medicine. Having understood your health concerns we will then give you a detailed, individual treatment plan. The plan will include diet, lifestyle, exercise, customised herbal formulas and treatments if necessary.


Ayurveda is the oldest medical system in the world and yet the wisdom of the ancient texts is as relevant today as it has ever been. We will help you translate this traditional Ayurvedic wisdom into a practical and sustainable lifestyle which nurtures you in mind, body and spirit, naturally. 


We hope you will find the information on this website useful. Be sure to look at the links page - there are lots of other great sites to help you on the path to an Ayurvedic lifestyle.


May you be inspired to live a long, happy and healthy life!





* 'When I first went to Sharon, I had numerous symptoms including thrush, cystitis, a constant sore throat and anxiety. I also found it very hard to lose weight, even though I thought I ate healthily and exercised regularly. In the past I had tried lots of different therapies and western style doctors to get the answers I was looking for with little success. This left me feeling despondent and like I was in a vicious circle. I had four sessions with Sharon over a 6 month period and I'm ecstatic to say that all of my symptoms have now gone. I'm so much happier and more in control of my life, which has opened up beautiful opportunities, including a new job and a marriage proposal! I'd be lying if I said the whole process of getting better was an easy one - it wasn't! It takes dedication and the real want/need to help yourself to get to where you want to be and live a long and happy life. On top of this, you need a firm, fair, hugely knowledgeable and supportive Ayurvedic Doctor - this is where Sharon comes into her own and I really don't think you could find one better. Good luck with your journey - you can do it!'  

Lauren, Otley



*Results may vary from person to person


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*Results may vary from person to person

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Functional medicine emphasises a defineable and teachable process of integrating multiple knowledge bases within a pragmatic intellectual matrix that focuses on functionality at many levels, rather than a single treatment for a single diagnosis. Functional medicine uses the patient's story as a key tool for integrating diagnosis, signs and symptoms, and evidence of clinical imbalances into a comprehensive approach to improve both the patient's environmental inputs and his or her physiological function.


The Institute for Functional Medicine teaches health care professionals how to apply these principles in practice through an intensive 5 day training course called Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical PracticeTM.


I attended and completed the AFMCPTM UK training in London in 2017.



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