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At Ayurveda Lifestyle we encourage patients to make sustainable life-long changes to the way they live their lives in order to maximise their health potential. It can take a while for these changes to become established and we therefore offer ongoing support to all our patients. Consultations can be either in person at our clinic or via Zoom. We begin the consultation process by sending you a health history questionnaire which is completed and returned prior to the consultation. An initial consultation lasts around 90 minutes and includes:

  • Review of your health history and any current medications

  • Discussion of your main health concerns and symptoms

  • Diagnosis of your original and current constitution

  • Eight step Ayurvedic examination including pulse and tongue diagnosis

  • Review of blood pressure and heart rate

  • In-depth review of current diet and lifestyle

  • Ayurvedic interpretation of your current condition

  • Discussion of recommendations

Following this consultation patients receive a detailed, written treatment plan together with customised herbal formulations when necessary. Our herbs are organically and ethically produced. A follow up consultation is usually necessary 2 to 6 weeks after the initial consultation; follow ups take around an hour. Throughout this period and beyond patients are encouraged to keep in touch to report progress and raise any queries that arise.

Consultation Fees


Sharon Jackson, BSc & PG Dip Ayurvedic Medicine

Sharon graduated from the world famous Ayurvedic Institute in the US in 2006 where she studied with Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Claudia Welch and Dr Robert Svoboda. She went on to complete a BSc in Ayurveda in the UK at Middlesex University followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine with internships in several hospitals in India. Sharon is a fully accredited member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association and a graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine AFMCP course.

Effective 1st January 2023

Initial Consultation (approx 90 minutes) £80.00

Follow up Consultation (Approx 60 minutes)  £50.00

Concessions receive a £5.00 discount.

Consultation fees are due at the time of booking. The cost of herbal formulations and food supplements are charged in addition to these fees.

All major credit cards accepted.


*"When I saw Sharon for the first time, I had a list of problems such as skin rash (which then turned out to be Lupus), nasal congestion, lack of sleep, anxiety and restlessness. I was tired of doctors being so superficial about my symptoms and trying different medicines that cost me money, worsened my symptoms and increased my frustration and anxiety. Meeting Sharon was like coming out of a long dark tunnel. Let’s say that she does not give you the solution to your problem but she puts you in the condition to solve your problems, giving you the chance of being aware of your body and your life. Through a detailed process I started to know my body, feel the changes and adjust my habits accordingly. Sadly, most of us lead a life that takes us here and there and we run like hamsters in a wheel, forgetting the simple staples of life, as simple as BREATHING! Sharon was very strict with me; she gave me a very detailed programme that I found very difficult to follow at first, especially from the dietary point of view. Now I have made this programme my way of life, I embraced it because it changed my life for the better. I feel so much calmer, happier, my nasal congestion has disappeared and Sharon gave me important tips to keep my Lupus quiet. Everyone should try Ayurveda and meet Sharon. They will change your life. Thanks Sharon!"

Marilena, Nottingham

*Because we are all different results vary from person to person

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