Daily Schedule for Panchakarma Retreats

This an example of how you might spend your time during a retreat;



8.00am:   Breakfast of stewed fruit


9.00am:   Consultation


9.15am:   Treatments - three per day


12.15pm: Lunch of dal, grain and vegetables


1.00pm:   Walk/Relax


2.00pm:   Afternoons are your free time to do as you wish.

                You may choose to book an extra activity such as a Yoga* or Art class**

                Alternatively you can borrow a book from our library, enjoy your own creative hobby or just relax - it's your time.

6.00pm:   Light supper of soup

9.00pm:   Retire

Patients wishing to learn the basic techniques used to cook traditional Ayurvedic food may spend also some time in the kitchen with our cook.


*Yoga classes are available with a qualified Yoga Therapist at an additional extra cost of £35 for a 75 minute lesson. Yoga classes are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of each patient and are highly recommended. 


**Art classes are available at an extra cost of £30 per hour. Learn to draw beautiful mandalas - anyone can do it.

*** Additional Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultations with Sharon Jackson are available at an extra cost of £50 per hour. These are particularly useful for those wishing to address a specific area of life be it physical, emotional or spiritual.


All classes are subject to availability and need to be booked well in advance.


The free time during your retreat is just as important as the treatment time and we advise patients to make the very best use of it. This means taking a break from the usual thoughts and habitual ways of thinking. We encourage you to do things differently and see what happens. 

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