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What people are saying about Ayurveda Lifestyle...

*'Dear Sharon

You are the best Ayurvedic practitioner I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. I’ve had longer and more expensive Pancha Karma treatments, but never with such great results and never from a practitioner with more focus or commitment. For me, you were a bit like a Samurai Monk, able to slice through my smokescreen of resistance while still compassionately delivering the information that I needed to hear and implement. A rare talent, I think. Thank you for that. All my best to you, Sharon.'

David, Wales

*'Hi Sharon 

I’m fine! In fact, every day I salute you, because going to the allotment this summer has made me aware of how easy working there is compared to last summer when, I realise now, everything was such an effort because of stiffness. Normally one doesn’t note the absence of pain but I certainly am now. So a big thank you again.'

Marsha, London

*'A week after returning from the Ayurveda Lifestyle centre, I am still floating on cloud nine. Karyn worked her magic on me, releasing the tension in my back and neck and providing excellent advice on posture.  She manages to hunt out areas of tension in your body which then seems to miraculously disappear.  I am already looking forward to my next treatment with her...'

Annie, Chesterfield


*'I want to thank you for a brilliant experience, I loved my two days and the treatments were amazing. I feel so much better already and am excited to see how my body and mind reacts to my new way of life. Thank you.'

Gwen, Worcestershire


*'Thank you for the amazing week. I was so impressed by the precision and smooth efficiency of your whole project; every detail thought through and taken care of in a welcoming and peaceful space and what a beautiful team you have put together! I felt really cared for and nurtured - OK harangued occasionally :) but with my best interests at heart...'

Marsha, London



*'Thank you so have created a vibrant, loving, healing energy at your beautiful place and I’m so grateful you warmly opened it up to me to share. You and your staff are a delightful committed team of angels in human bodies, slowly changing the world patient by patient. I feel blessed our paths crossed and came away yesterday floating on air.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.'

Claire, Lincoln



*'I am two years into my Ayurvedic journey with Sharon and want to thank her deeply for her continued support and advice. She has helped me to transform physically - I've lost 4 stone, so far, and my lifestyle now maintains this. A 7 day Panchakarma was both challenging and amazing and I've sustained the benefits. I'm planning 2 one day mini retreats during this year. I follow Ayurvedic principles (most of the time) and am so grateful for Sharon's thoughtful suggestions and encouragement. The process has enabled me to make gentle changes such as reducing medications. I love how I eat, move and feel. Thank you Sharon and your team.'

Cheryl, Nottingham



*'I just wanted to let you know that my annual thyroid review revealed that my thyroid is at the lowest level for 5 years - I am absolutely delighted!!! This is a mega step in the right direction. Thanks for all your amazing advice...'

Jules, West Yorkshire

*'Thank you so much for your expert consultations, guidance and generosity of recipes:) I am really pleased with how the last few weeks have gone - I'm feeling healthy, happy and thoroughly inspired! And pleased that toxic weight has gone - a good description...I am absolutely delighted!'

Anita, Huddersfield

*'It's not much fun finding out that you have a parasite in your gut - in my case, something called blastocystis hominis which I'd picked up in Egypt. In an initial consultation, Sharon explained that my diet was probably keeping the parasite quite happy and, as a result, not doing any good for the health of my gut or the rest of my body. For two months, I followed the diet and herbal medications that Sharon recommended. I then went for a seven day panchakarma retreat, which was wonderfully healing and restorative. Shortly after this, I went to my GP to arrange for a three-day stool analysis to see what was happening with the parasite. The results showed that the parasite was completely gone! So, parasites can be got rid of naturally, without having to take harsh antibiotics. Thank you Sharon!'

Dawn, Stoke


*'I was very desperate with a range of health issues and wanted a natural and effective way  to cure them. I suffer with an auto-immune disorder, Sjogren's Syndrome, with severe lung damage and intestinal obstruction. At 39 years of age I was facing a lung transplant and had been on multiple medications including steroids, immune suppressants, antibiotics etc. I was fed up with side effects and their impact on my quality of life. I am a Doctor myself and keen on alternative approaches; particularly Ayurveda which has a very good evidence base for auto-immune disorders. I came across Sharon's website and emailed her with my long health history; she was prompt in getting back to me and gave me hope. I have since had several consultations and a week of Panchakarma treatment in addition to quality supplementation. A year on and many of my inflammatory parameters are now normal with increased lung capacity and I feel great within myself. I thank Sharon and her team for all their efforts. Sharon's knowledge base, skills and her approach (Ayurveda and Functional Medicine) have helped me to reach this level of well being. She has also inspired me to do a course in Functional Medicine. I am booked in to do another Panchakarma retreat in 2018 and am very much looking forward to it.'

Dr Kavita Praveen, Northants.


*'I am 32 years of age and first saw Sharon in February 2017 with a rare autoimmune neurological condition; neuromyelitis optica. We decided upon a week of Panchakarma treatment at the clinic which was excellent. The staff were very welcoming and accommodating and I have felt so much better in all aspects of my life ever since. Many thanks to the staff, especially Sharon, for helping me on my journey of recovery.'

Raj, Birmingham


*'I cannot thank you enough for all the good advice and expert care you and Karyn gave me to support my detox program and Panchakarma. The whole experience was invaluable in helping my understanding of Ayurveda and how it relates to me personally. I currently feel fantastic and intend maintaining the improvement I have made in my daily routine and diet. I am feeling so much more positive, happy and clear- headed. Again thank you so much for everything. Please pass on my thanks to Karyn for her expert massages and to the lady in the kitchen for the lovely food.'

Audrey, Glamorgan


*'Having had an irritable, bloated bowel for some time I decided to see Sharon Jackson, an Ayurvedic practitioner recommended to me by a friend. I am 81 now and was unsure whether things could change at such an advanced age. After my consultation with Sharon, I followed her recommendations around food i.e. the use of spices, the correct quantity of food, balancing protein, vegetables and carbs etc. I find that as long as I maintain the correct balance for my body, I can eat many more delicious green veggies with no painful bloating. I also asked for some treatment for my stiff knees and they are now lovely and flexible! Ayurveda works at any age; thank you.'

Charlotte, West Yorkshire


*'I was overjoyed when Sharon started offering the 3 day Panchakarma because although I wanted to do 7 days, I didn't want to leave my 20 month old baby for that long. I needed to do Panchakarma because I had slipped into some old habits; too much coffee, overeating, running myself ragged at work and drinking more alcohol than I should. My time with Sharon allowed me to reboot, recharge and realise what's really important to me. I lost 4lbs, my skin was glowing and my eyes were sparkling by the time I left. I now feel re-energised and relaxed and I'm focused on living my life Ayurvedically as it supports me in every aspect of life.'

Lauren, Leeds


*'Dear Sharon, I've just had the stool and urine test results back and wonderful news; I am free of H.pylori! I just can't thank you enough and like you said; the treatments really do work. Thank you so much.'

Joanne, Doncaster


*'Literally in the space of a heartbeat my health changed from being a fit, active forty year old into somebody on a seemingly unending spiral of physical decline. After eight years, three heart surgeries, countless emergency admissions to hospital and many months of inactivity due to what western medicine labels Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I turned to Ayurveda. The difference in my treatment staggered me. Unlike conventional medicine which treated each of my symptoms not only in isolation but sometimes to the detriment of each other, Sharon outlined a philosophy which aimed at rebalancing my unique nature and constitution holistically. Unlike any doctor I had previously spoken to, Sharon has never seemed rushed or limited in the time or energy she has been prepared to spend investigating and planning with me. Although the cornerstone of this plan was diet, broader lifestyle changes were incorporated, including altering the way I thought about not only health and illness, but about life more generally. What Sharon said not only made sense but I was strongly encouraged to learn more; which in itself has felt empowering. Panchakarma was a turning point for me. Whilst the physical treatments obviously had their desired detoxifying effects, I feel it was the space, so carefully created and managed almost invisibly by Sharon and her wonderful team, that most enabled me to move forwards. Earlier in the year there were many days when I could not walk for half an hour. Last week I completed a difficult 6 hour mountain walk to a favourite summit to which I thought I would never return. I had energy to spare and my heart coped far better with this exercise than it did with much lighter excursions before Panchakarma.'

Jon, Sheffield


*'When I first went for a consultation with Sharon I had developed lots of symptoms e.g. stomach cramps, acne, weight gain and an achy hip. I had also been suffering from haemorrhoids for over a year and even though I had tried everything to put them right; alternative as well as western medicine, nothing had worked. Prior to the 7-day Panchakarma treatment, I followed a 10 week detox diet, which I really enjoyed and found delicious. During this time the acne cleared, the cramps went away, the pain went from my hip, I lost weight AND the haemorrhoids started to get better. I knew the cleansing, detoxing Panchakarma week would be amazing but wasn't prepared for just how amazing. From start to finish I was held in a bubble of healing and total care - from Sharon's skilled knowledge, wisdom and concern for my well-being, her massage and cooking team, the wonderful healing massages and treatments, the food, the spacious time for walking, contemplating, reading, relaxing and the wonderful accommodation. This was such a valuable and rare opportunity to cleanse from the inside out. It was a retreat of the highest order and I have come away brimming with enthusiasm to continue building on what I have learnt. It seems so simple to me now - eat right for my constitution and great health follows :)'

Hilary, Yorkshire



*'Hi Sharon, I just wanted to say thank you for listening when I needed it and for really seeing me. Your certainty and understanding helped me turn a massive corner and things have been very different in the two years since Panchakarma. Since then I have gradually found balance and having a really practical toolbox to turn to has been so helpful. I am not stringent with the regime but have the tools to know how to look after myself, both mind and body, and so far they have given me the consistency and well being I was looking for. I am well, content and strong. I take time out when I feel on the edge, get early nights, eat good lunches; I see now how my old habits were my undoing. And as you predicted, after the Panchakarma week I didn't get any coughs or colds that winter; Panchakarma must do something amazingly cleansing! I won't witter on in a vata way but I wanted to let you know how much you have helped me; I needed your firm, compassionate guidance and for that I am eternally grateful'

Pip, Sussex



*I found Sharon through searching on the internet looking for a health retreat where I could stay and receive cleansing treatments. I wasn't ill but my body was telling me it had had enough of the way I was treating it. I suffered from painful bloating, sluggish digestion, excessive wind and had gained a lot of weight; I felt pretty rubbish about myself. I knew nothing about Ayurveda or Panchakarma but after a Skype consultation with Sharon I was given diet and lifestyle advice and herbs to help with digestion and cleansing. Sharon was very professional and firm, which I needed, but I also enjoyed her sense of humour and felt that she really 'listened' to me. Within three months I lost three stones and felt great; all my symptoms had gone. This was all before Panchakarma. When Panchakarma came, I was excited but a bit apprehensive. I needn't have worried; Sharon and her team were amazing. I felt very cared for as they guided and supported me through the whole experience of Panchakarma which can only be described as life-changing. Before the week was over I booked myself in for the following year! That was two years ago. I now incorporate Ayurveda into all aspects of my life and have never felt so healthy, happy and in tune with myself. I'll be booked in again for next year; I know places fill fast as people come from all over the world for Panchakarma at Ayurveda Lifestyle. It really is an experience not to be missed.'

Lisa, Moray, Scotland


*'I was diagnosed with ME/CFS when I was 40 and remained very ill for 18 months. I was bed-ridden for months and house-bound for almost a year. The suffering felt never-ending, catastrophic. My life appeared shattered in front of me, or what was left of me. I was told that I would always be chronically ill and that I had to start accepting it. Then I rang Sharon and we scheduled a Panchakarma treatment straight away. Ayurveda looks at the causes of disease, rather than just giving symptoms a name and treating them. Even though Ayurveda is not supposed to be a quick fix, in only three days it took away the excruciating pain that I had been experiencing for months and my body started regaining some strength. During seven days under Sharon's care, different treatments (warm oil massage, steam, herbs, medicated enemas and others) helped to remove accumulated toxins from all my tissues and transported them to the digestive tract, where they could be more easily eliminated. I also had nourishing and strengthening treatments that worked both at a cellular and a whole body level. I left Sharon's clinic walking without difficulty and pain free. Detoxification continued as I was given a treatment plan of herbal and dietary advice to follow after Panchakarma. Panchakarma was an important step in my journey, which opened up a new path of healing. It filled me with hope, courage and the belief that my healing process would become a rebirth; that my life would be deeply transformed by the experience; that there was a reason for it all. Four months later, I am now walking my path, full of health, following my heart and my dreams, having claimed back my life, despite being told by western medicine that I would always be chronically ill and that I just had to learn to live with it.Thank you Ayurveda. Thank you Sharon.'

Veronica, Nottingham


*'I am so inspired by my Panchakarma experience and all the love, support and effort I received from you and your wonderful team. I will always be grateful for what I learnt during the week, thank you so much. No doubt I will be back for another in the future'

Leila, Edinburgh


*'Panchakarma with Sharon was much more than cleansing my body.  During the 7 days I detoxed emotions, healed past wounds, challenged old and unhelpful conditioning and gained many insights into my personal limitations which contribute to a toxic lifestyle, both cognitively (in my thoughts) and physically (in my actions, diet and lifestyle).  Four months after PK I have a regular menstrual cycle for the first time in my life; my migraines are considerably reduced in severity and my long-standing chronic acne has almost gone. Panchakarma is a powerful process in many ways.  It is gentler than other methods of detox and I found that one of the most profound effects was the sense of space it gave. It is in this space that I experienced physical and emotional healing and the revelation of subtle yet very powerful ‘life lessons’, such as the role of self-love in providing oneself with a pure and nourishing diet.  Sharon is an expert guide in the PK process and brings warmth, light-heartedness and honest reflection.  She delivers PK in a manner that allows greater lessons to be understood and this really resonated with me.  Sharon is skilled at determining the unique requirements of each individual and in this sense her healing is most certainly holistic.  Sharon continues to support me through her regular advice and guidance around diet, herbs, stress management and other lifestyle choices.  I am endlessly grateful for the experience of Panchakarma with Sharon and the remarkable changes in my health that I continue to enjoy.'

Mel, London


*'I was diagnosed with Parkinson's when I was 52 years of age but the condition didn't really affect me until I was about 59. I became very low and started to get myself into a really negative state of mind. At this point I came across Ayurveda and called Sharon, one of the best things I have ever done. With her help and the extensive treatments my health and life was changed for the better. I spent a week doing intensive Panchakarma treatments and came away from the clinic feeling like a new person, well on the road to a genuine sense of well-being. I would recommend Sharon to anyone and cannot praise her highly enough.'

Dave, Leeds


*'I had no idea what to expect prior to my arrival at The Barn. I had been severely ill for over two years. What difference could one week make? I had tried so many therapies before to lessen the unpleasant symptoms of a troublesome autoimmune disease. But my week’s stay did make a difference. It was the beginning of a period of health stability and greater strength, which has continued to the present day, now many months later. I enjoyed my week of Panchakarma treatments. A daily, relaxing, warm oil massage (full body and head), daily steam baths, time for quietness and relaxation, deep breathing exercises, consultations, healing herbs, great food and fantastic company. I felt cleaner when I left, internally cleaner, and stronger. There was a marked difference in what I could do in comparison to only a week before. I noticed an enhanced ability just traveling home. I was without doubt physically stronger and mentally sharper after my week of Panchakarma. A fortnight after and the full effects of Panchakarma began to kick in. Sharon had told me this would happen. Prior to Panchakarma I had been practically bedridden for around two years. A month after Panchakarma I was participating in life again. My energy levels were up, and have remained so. My appetite returned. My sleep got better. My skin got better. My health felt overall improved. The enemas – I should mention the enemas. I was apprehensive even at the thought of one before I visited Sharon. Now I can give them to myself without even a thought. An enema is a cleansing experience. I now put it in the same category as brushing my teeth, just a matter of ongoing hygiene really. They are a great way to help your body detox and absorb healing herbs and nutrients. I am still living with the autoimmune disease. It troubles me a lot some days and most of the time I feel pain somewhere, but it is so much better than before Panchakarma. I was completely disabled to the point of hardly leaving bed. Now I am up and about for the most part all day every day. I am participating in life again and feel very pleased to say that Panchakarma appears to have contributed in no small way to greatly enhancing my quality of life.'

Henryk, Newport on Tay, Scotland


*'I had numerous symptoms including thrush, cystitis, a constant sore throat and anxiety. I also found it very hard to lose weight, even though I thought I ate healthily and exercised regularly. In the past I had tried lots of different therapies and western style doctors with little success.  I had four sessions with Sharon over a 6 month period and I'm ecstatic to say that all of my symptoms have now gone. The process of getting better was not an easy one - It takes dedication and the real desire to help yourself. You also need a firm, fair, hugely knowledgeable and supportive Ayurvedic Doctor - this is where Sharon comes into her own and I really don't think you could find one better.'

Lauren, Otley


*'It’s a year since I first came to see you. Yesterday, I bought my first pair of size 12 trousers in over 10 years. Also, my daughter came home to find me in a bikini and said, 'Wow mum, you look great!'. More importantly, I’ve had no migraines and no signs of sciatica.  I’ve not had a cold for over a year; my skin is soft; I feel energetic and no longer have bloating or constipation.  Since last summer I have lost 25lb. I am so pleased that I came to see you; I was in a rut, which you helped me out of and I certainly won't be going back.Thank you so much.'

Lisa, Mansfield


*'Ayurveda Lifestyle has changed my life in many positive ways. Before meeting Sharon, I felt tired with trouble sleeping, ill at ease in my mind with worries over my work load and health. My mind felt sluggish and I had little interest in food with an erratic appetite. My lifestyle meant that I was finding work difficult and was not enjoying life. Through Ayurveda, I have seen a dramatic change in my quality of life, and the changes necessary were easy to adopt and build into my daily routine. The advice on eating has rekindled my appetite and I have re-found a love of food. I now sleep soundly and feel refreshed each day, and my anxieties have been reduced or eliminated. The changes in my lifestyle have helped me gain a better work-life balance, enabling me to re-find my creative side and to find the time to relax and enjoy life.'

Gareth, York


*'When I saw Sharon for the first time, I had a list of problems such as skin rash (which then turned out to be Lupus), nasal congestion, lack of sleep, anxiety and restlessness. I was tired of doctors being so superficial about my symptoms and trying different medicines that cost me money, worsened my symptoms and increased my frustration and anxiety. Meeting Sharon was like coming out of a long dark tunnel. Let’s say that she does not give you the solution to your problem but she puts you in the condition to solve your problems, giving you the chance of being aware of your body and your life. Through a detailed process I started to know my body, feel the changes and adjust my habits accordingly. Sadly, most of us lead a life that takes us here and there and we run like hamsters in a wheel, forgetting the simple staples of life, as simple as BREATHING! Sharon was very strict with me; she gave me a very detailed programme that I found very difficult to follow at first, especially from the dietary point of view. Now I have made this programme my way of life, I embraced it because it changed my life for the better. I feel so much calmer, happier, my nasal congestion has disappeared and Sharon gave me important tips to keep my Lupus quiet. Everyone should try Ayurveda and meet Sharon. They will change your life. Thanks Sharon!'

Marilena, Nottingham


*'If you’re fed up with visiting the doctor and taking drugs visit Sharon or an Ayurveda  practitioner and change your life. After years of chest infections, high blood pressure, asthma, allergies and sleeping difficulties I found Sharon’s name as an Ayurvedic practitioner. At the end of January 2012 I met Sharon and she explained Ayurvedic principles to me and how they treat the whole person. Sharon has passed on her knowledge to help me live according to my constitutional make up. I’m now making better food choices, sleeping very well, exercising daily and am happier and more content than I have ever been. I no longer have acid reflux and asthma. My skin problems have disappeared. Thank you Sharon.'  

Denise, Newark


*‘What a relief it was to attend Sharon's clinic.  I had reached a point last September where I didn't know where to put myself.  I had been to my local GP with feelings of being 'unwell', hair loss, stomach pains, aching limbs, but worst of all a loss of concentration and ability to organise my day.  The doctor couldn't find anything wrong, but my life felt totally out of balance.  Meeting Sharon was, as I said, a relief, just to be told that I had an imbalance in my energy system due to eating the wrong things and following a life pattern that was not suitable for my body type was an answer that I instinctively knew was right.  Sharon gave me Ayurvedic herbs and a diet, but more, I was so far gone she actually wrote out a daily activity chart for me so that I didn't even have the stress of remembering when to exercise, eat and rest! Regular visits meant that Sharon could alter things as I progressed.  Life feels as though it has slowed down now, my mind feels more organised, events in my life don't seem to knock me off balance any more and I am happy in myself.’
Michelle, Leeds


*'I found it very hard to cope after the death of my father but as I was also going through the menopause at the same time I thought that all of the symptoms - weight gain, headaches and sleeplessness were due to the menopause. After frequent visits to my GP I felt that I was not making any progress at all in fact I felt as if I were going mad because I knew that there was something wrong with me but the GP did not seem to listen to what I was saying. I rang Sharon and we had a long chat about my health problems and she explained how she thought she would be able to help me. She sent me a long and detailed questionnaire about my health and also a booklet explaining the principles of Ayurveda. At my first consultation after taking my pulse and blood pressure she explained a little more about Ayurveda and then asked me to give further details about how I was feeling. For the first time I felt as if someone was actually listening and, moreover, was interested in what I was saying rather than dismissing what I had to say. It was nice to know that I wasn't going mad and that I could be helped by Ayurveda. I had to detox for a while to rid my body of long-standing toxins and start to eat foods that were easy to digest. Sharon provided me with a detailed list of foods to eat and also, just as important, foods to avoid. I soon began to feel a lot calmer, my headaches quickly disappeared and I steadily lost weight. I find it very comforting to know that if I am not sure about anything Sharon is always at the end of the phone and is able to reassure me and put me back on the right track. If one of us is out of the country then we can keep in contact by e-mail. With Ayurveda I know that I am not going to be given the same treatment as every other patient with similar symptoms. The consultation lasts longer than the usual one with a GP.  Sharon is therefore able to tailor my treatment to suit my individual and changing needs. I am, after all, a changing individual.'

Gill, Worksop



*Results may vary from person to person.

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